4th Of July Barbecue

Aug 10, 2021

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I’ve celebrated the 4th of July on the beach, in the Mountains, at friend’s houses and even in another country (not my favorite, they don’t get it!) and all of them included food….good food and lots of it. BBQ reigns supreme on the 4th and why wouldn’t it? The whole atmosphere is casual, revolves around relaxing with friends and family and is just plain fun! Lots of drinks, all kinds of nibbles and tastes and always meat off the grill with tons of sides to make everyone happy. This year, I’m adding lot’s of new menu items since we are celebrating my nephew’s promotion and I’m trying to include at least one favorite for every guest (no easy feat!). My guests also have a wide variety of dietary requests. I really wish everyone would stop “dieting” and just learn to eat healthy, reasonably sized portions 80% of the time and save the remaining 20% of their time for events at my house!!! LOL But that is not going to be the case so at this feast there will be meat, shellfish, salads and fresh watermelon. But there will also be pecan pie bars and scampi and blue cheese butter for those that would like to indulge. I’ll let them decide. No party at my house is complete unless there are cocktails for everyone. I’m whipping up a pitcher of Sangria (my nieces favorite) and will have plenty of beer, water, iced tea and lemonade on hand for everyone. Now, I’m just hoping one of the neighbors will handle the fireworks (they always do!)

Happy 4th everyone.

4th Of July Barbecue Recipes

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