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Why a website and why a blog now? My Why is simple. I wanted to build something I was really passionate about; something I loved. For years I would go to restaurants and spend extra time reading menus, studying the ingredients and asking questions on how meals were prepared. I’d look at the fabulous presentations and think, “I can do that” and then go home and try to duplicate the way the food was cooked and plated. I have watched cooking shows everyday for years and years, practiced what I learned and have made my own tweaks on what works for me. I read cookbooks constantly and own every subscription to every food and wine magazine I can find. (Yes, I know, that can be a bit much if all you want to do is eat…lol.) I just love the art of creating, presenting and then watching the joy it brings to people.

The smallest bit of effort on my part – the adjusting of a spice for one person; the omission of an unwanted ingredient for another; or the addition of the perfect garnish to a special birthday meal – brings the greatest rewards for me: smiles, laughs, gratitude for taking the time and overall pleasure! I really wanted to share all of it. Obviously, that would include great recipes and the instructions on how to make it happen but also the joy and fun of shopping, preparing and creating. Discovering a new food and figuring out what to do with it can be a blast! You’ll never look at a Kiwano melon the same way! I really wanted to put my time and energy into all the things I enjoy and then share it with like-minded people…my tribe!

I wanted to use the skills I’ve learned; the experiences I’ve collected; the adventures I’ve taken and transform them into a living, breathing, diary of my passions for food, travel and having a good time. Traveling, enjoying local foods and discovering new ingredients inspire my cooking. I look for healthier ways to prepare food but I strive for balance. No food is off limits. That means fresh fruit and vegetables may sit on the table with meat, pasta & dessert. Finding innovative ways to have both healthy and guilty pleasures on my menus is fun! I consider it a challenge. I love to cook, entertain and create beautiful settings for friends and family. Details count! Are you one of my people? Join my tribe!

I traveled for years for business stateside but made sure every free minute on those trips was spent exploring the city, town or hamlet I was visiting. I’d always stay the weekend after a business trip or fly in early to see the sites; try new restaurants; hit a museum or see a show. It made every business trip exciting and every new town an adventure. In my free time, I traveled the rest of the world. Today, I work as a digital marketer in the hospitality industry so I’m traveling all day long (although now, it is on my computer). They say 75% of the high you get from traveling is in the planning. Well, that means I’m flying all the time because my days are filled with creating beautiful digital travel assets and dreaming and planning my next adventure. When I’m not “working” and I do leave the house, my free time is spent traveling the world. Whether I’m on the beach in the Canary Islands; climbing the Great Wall of China; visiting the Faberge Museum in St. Petersburg; drinking a pint in Dublin, I’m exploring and discovering new towns and countries and enjoying the food, drink and people along the way. Don’t worry, I love exploring my own city, state and neighboring states too. You don’t have to go far to travel with the enthusiasm and the excitement of a tourist.

I’m sharing it all with you in the hopes of inspiring you to cook, travel and see the world. It makes me happy and I promise…it will make you happy too. That’s why I’m here.

Welcome to My Curated Tastes