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4 servings


0 hours 10 mins


0 hours 20 mins


0 hours 25 mins

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4 Lbs. of King Crab Legs, (they already come cooked in the seafood department)

1/2 Cup of unsalted butter

3-4 Large garlic cloves, finely minced

1 Tsp. Salt and black pepper to taste

1 Tsp. Calabrian Chili Flakes (more or less to taste)

Zest of lemon for butter, and wedges of lemon to serve


1. Heat your grill to medium high heater. You can make these in the oven just heat to 350 degrees.
2. Using scissors, cut long slits in the crab leg shells and/or break the crab legs at the joints. This allows the heat to penetrate and allows the scampi butter to get into all the nooks and cranies!
3. Put crab legs on the grill or on a baking sheet in the oven for about 20 minutes.
4. Meanwhile, make the scampi butter. Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl and put on a large disposable baking sheet on the grill (for easy clean up). Let that butter melt down. In making in the oven, microwave the butter for 20 seconds until melted then add to the baking sheet in the oven. Toss your crab legs in the butter coating everything. Turn several times for another 2-3 minutes.
5. If grilling, serve those legs right on the buttery baking sheet. If in the oven, I take the legs off the baking sheet, put them on a platter and drizzle that garlic butter all over the crab legs. Serve with lemon wedges and seafood forks and bibs! The forks get all the meat and the bibs will save your shirt!!!! LOL Enjoy.

NOTE: This is a fabulous treat and one I save for big occasions. King Crab legs are expensive (very expensive) and they are addictive so you need at least a pound per person. I usually serve them with another entree (like a steak) or as an appetizer. To really enjoy these, I strongly recommend eating them outside at a BBQ. They can get messy cracking the shells, removing the meat and having all that delicious butter drizzling down your fingertips! Using seafood forks helps get the meat out of the tiny parts of the shell, and good ‘ole lobster bibs come in pretty handy. Have lots of handi wipes on hand for easy clean up and just go for it!!! The first time I had this dish was in a very upscale seafood restaurant and the whole time I thought, ” Why are you serving this at a linen covered table while I’m sitting here in a silk blouse?” LOL This totally belongs on a picnic table where you can really enjoy it and have fun!