Easter Dinner Menu

by Diane Ringler | May 10, 2021

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Easter definitely kicks off spring in my house.  New fruits and vegetables are available and everything is fresh and green!  I alternate each year between hosting an Easter Dinner or an Easter Brunch.  This year it was dinner.  I had some classics (leg of lamb and asparagus) but added a few new recipes that I’ve been meaning to try like Whipped Feta with a cucumber salsa, crispy English potatoes and a whole Leg of Lamb.  Everyone in my family loves lamb and we usually go for baby lamb chops.  This year, I pulled out the big guns and did a whole leg.  I had seen a recipe that combined garlic and chopped anchovies and inserted those into small slits in the meat to flavor the lamb.  (Do NOT say you hate anchovies. You don’t taste fish at all.  It just added such great flavor to the meat.) This technique did not disappoint.  Everyone loved it.  I had an initial “miss” on my garlic gravy (I didn’t like it) so I had to improvise on the fly.  The result was great and is included with the recipe below. Should I mention now that I forgot to bring extra Rosemary to my niece’s house where I was cooking?  Not to worry!  Her fiance came to the rescue and volunteered to go pick wild rosemary from a neighbor’s yard.  Crisis averted!  You have to love California.  That wouldn’t have happened when I was living in New York…there aren’t any wild rosemary bushes in the city. LOL  It never fails, every time something goes wrong in the kitchen, there is a great discovery.  The garlic gravy was one of those.  I finished the meal with a classic creme brulee for dessert. I’ve laid out my Easter menu below.  Pick all of the recipes or just a few to try.  Be sure to check back often for holiday menu ideas.  Visit my MENUS PAGE.  Happy Easter.

Easter Dinner Recipes

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