It’s Labor Day weekend and it is time for another pool party & BBQ. I’ve invited relatives and friends and am planning a fun afternoon of swimming, eating, drinking and lots of giggles. This year, it is Tex-Mex!  Whether they like really spicy food, won’t eat meat or will only eat seafood, I’ve got something for everyone. I’ve also got lots of healthy eaters coming this year so there are lots of veggies and I always have fresh fruit as a dessert option. To round out any BBQ, having a platter of fresh veggies with a dip (this year a simple salsa) is a must.  I’ll also have a big bowl of cut up mixed fruit (bought in the produce department if I’m running low on time.) for everyone to help themselves.  There will be party nachos, chips and guacamole, cocktails and plenty of laughter to kick off the event.  The menu has plenty of options; all with lots of Mexican inspired flavors. I started testing recipes in July for the big weekend and came up with several that I have already had over and over. That’s how I know I’ve got some good recommendations for you. So, fire up the grill and use it not only to BBQ but also as a stovetop and an oven. If you can make it in your kitchen, you can make it on a grill. I also recommend doing lots of prep ahead of time so the day of your get together, you are ready to go.

Make up a pitcher of margaritas and keep in the fridge overnight. Fill your cooler with Mexican beer and water. Then, just add bags of ice an hour before guests arrive. Cut your veggies and fruit ahead of time and make your sauces, rubs and glazes the day before to save even more time. (See how I let the sun make my lime & butter sauce for the asparagus…tip of the week for sure.) I’d make the Peach & Pecan bars the day before, cut them, put on a serving platter and wrap them in pretty cellophane wrap so they are ready to go. Don’t forget to organize all your plates, utensils, serving trays, platters and serving spoons. Gather your pots, pans and cooking equipment so you aren’t running around looking for them before the guests arrive. Below is my menu to inspire your own BBQ. Use one recipe or all of them. Just have a good time.

Pour yourself one of those fabulous Margaritas, put on a smile and head to the grill. It’s going to be a great party. Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day Weekend Menu

The Best Pitcher Margaritas | My Curated TastesThe Best Pitcher Margaritas

Garlic And Mango Glazed Salmon | My Curated TastesGarlic And Mango Glazed Salmon

Coconut And Cashew Cauliflower Rice | My Curated TastesCoconut And Cashew Cauliflower Rice

Fresh Peach and Pecan Bars | My Curated TastesFresh Peach and Pecan Bars

Asparagus With Lime Butter | My Curated TastesAsparagus With Lime Butter

Warm Corn & Red Bell Pepper Salad | My Curated TastesWarm Corn & Red Bell Pepper Salad

Spice Crusted Top Sirloin | My Curated TastesSpice Crusted Top Sirloin

Party Nachos | My Curated TastesParty Nachos