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Let’s explore how we can work together:

Food and product placement

Looking to promote your product in a blog post, recipe, Instagram or Facebook post? Send me an email.

Brand Ambassador

I would love an opportunity to represent your brand. I’m open to hearing about partnership opportunities. If you think we may be a good fit, just make contact.

Recipe Development

Are you looking for unique recipes using your brand? I develop recipes and am happy to discuss promoting them.


Do you have products for sale that match the content I write about on My Curated Tastes? If you are looking for another audience where you can introduce your products and services, this might be the place.  If you think we are a match, let’s talk.

Articles, reviews & blog posts

I write about where I go, what I see and what I do.  Hotels, inns, restaurants, specialty shops, outdoor adventures and hands on activities like cooking classes, will often appear on these pages. If you would like me to visit and write about your business and post to my blog,  let me know.  I am also available for sponsored posts on My Curated Tastes.  Need an article, review or blog post and think my content has value for your business?  Let’s chat.

If you have ideas about content that would connect with my readers, please contact me.  I’d love to work with you.

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