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Serves 1

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1 1/2 Oz. Vodka, good quality

1 1/2 Oz. Kahlua

3 Oz. Heavy Cream, half and half or whole milk

3 Toasted whole hazelnuts


1. Add ice to a large cocktail glass.

2. Add the Kahlua to the glass first.  Top with vodka and then add cream on top.  Serve with a stirrer so your guest can mix their drink.

3. Top with three toasted hazelnuts and enjoy!

NOTES: For years, White Russians were my drink of choice. Over time, I switched to skim milk to cut the calories (LOL) but I love that drink…kind of like a grown ups version of chocolate milk…with a kick!

However, I was in Minneapolis for the first time years ago and ordered a White Russian. It came with three toasted, whole hazelnuts on top. Not a big deal, right? WRONG. It was fabulous. Not only did I have this fabulous drink, but now I had a snack too and one that went great with the drink.

Maybe I shouldn’t make such a big deal over it, but it really was a nice surprise. We all expect celery and an olive in our Bloody Mary and kind of consider it an appetizer (Or is that just me?). So, why not put some nuts in my drink? Anyway, it was a simple addition that made a big impact on me and I’ve been serving it that way ever since. I always get questions and no one complains. Try it…it is a twist on a classic.