Mini Fruit Parfaits

Nut & Seed Crusted Sweet Potatoes

Clementine Glazed Cranberry & Walnut Muffins

Sheet Pan Lemon Cod


Limequat Cupcakes

Cheese Ravioli

Newport Beach

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This Month’s Featured Recipes

Coconut Shrimp With Apricot & Horseradish Sauce Finish| My Curated Tastes
Coconut Shrimp With Apricot & Horseradish Sauce | My Curated Tastes

Raspberry and Pistachio Semifreddo


The perfect combination of heavy cream and yogurt, slightly sweetened and enhanced with fresh raspberries and pistachios.  The perfect dessert.


Minnesota Beef Stew | My Curated Tastes
Crepes with lemon curd and berries

Chinese Potato Bird Nests with Shrimp And Veggies


This dish has it all:  Lean protein, tons of veggies and some crunch from cashews.  It is sweet and spicy and hits all the right notes.


Cocktail Of The Month

Limoncello | My Curated Tastes
Limoncello | My Curated Tastes

Frozen Margarita

In honor of Cinco de Mayo this month, I present the Frozen Margarita. The perfect cocktail for your Mexican Fiesta.


Latest Discovery

Monte Cristo in Braided Puff Pastry | My Curated Tastes
Kodiak Cake

St. Pierre Brioche Waffles

These waffles have the density of cake and are studded with little pieces of pearl sugar.  When I partnered them with savory ingredients, I got several delicious dishes.


Where To Travel This Spring

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