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2 servings


0 hours 15 mins


0 hours 14 mins


0 hours 29 mins

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2 Tilapia filets
4 Jumbo Shrimp
2 Jumbo Sea Scallops
½ Cup White Wine
2 Tbsp. Butter
1 Garlic clove, finely minced
1 Tsp. Capers
1 Lemon, juice and zest separated
1 Lemon, sliced into wedges
Cooking spray

Crab Stuffing

4 Oz. Lump or Claw crab meat
1 Tbsp. Italian breadcrumbs
1/4 Tsp. Dry mustard
1/4 Tsp. Worcestershire Sauce
1/4 Tsp. Old Bay Seasoning
1 Tbsp. Lite mayonnaise
Zest of ½ lemon
Pinch kosher salt and ground black pepper


6 Ritz butter crackers, crushed
1/8 Tsp. Old Bay Seasoning
1 Tbsp. Flat leaf parsley, chopped
1 Tbsp. Butter, softened
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

Seafood Dipping Sauce

¼ Cup Lite mayonnaise
1 Tbsp. Fresh lemon juice and ½ the zest from one lemon
6 Sweet gherkin pickles, chopped


1)  Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Lightly spray two individual casserole dishes or gratin dishes with cooking spray. 

2) Combine all the crab stuffing ingredients, except the crab, in a bowl and gently combine. Add the crab and fold into the mix.

3) In a separate bowl, combine all the topping ingredients.

4) To prepare the fish, pat the tilapia dry with paper towels. Sprinkle both sides of the fish with salt and pepper. Divide the crab mixture between the two filets. Put the crab mix on one end of the fish filet and then gently roll up. Repeat with the second filet of fish. Place the filets stuffed with crab, seam side down in the casserole dishes. One in each.

5) Using a small paring knife, cut along the underside of each shrimp fanning out the shrimp.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Place two shrimps in each dish.  Dry the scallops and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Add one to each dish.

6) In a small microwave safe dish, melt the two tablespoons of butter for about 10 secondsIn a measuring cup, add the wine, minced garlic, melted butter, all but one tablespoon of lemon juice and the capersStir to combinePour half into each casserole dish.   

7) Sprinkle the topping evenly over each dishPut the dishes on a baking sheet and put in the oven for 10 – 12 minutes. 

8) Heat the broiler to high and place the baking sheet under the broiler until the topping is golden brown (1 – 1 ½ minutes).

9) While the seafood platter is baking, make the dipping sauceMix all the ingredients in a small bowl. 

10) Serve the seafood platter with lemon wedges and a sprinkle of parsley. Have the seafood dipping sauce on the side.

NOTES: My seafood platter is a throw-back dish to my days working in restaurants in the Hamptons . There was always a broiled seafood platter on the menu . It was prepared on a metal dish under the broiler and had a similar selection of fish and shellfish . I’ve changed it up with the crab stuffing and baked it before putting it under the broiler to finish . But, make no mistake, this dish screams summer on Long Island.

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees F. Spray two small casserole dishes (individual gratin dishes ) with cooking spray . Put it to the side.

To get started on the seafood platter, you’ll want to make the crabmeat stuffing for the tilapia . In a medium sized bowl, add the crab meat, mayonnaise, dry mustard, old bay seasoning, breadcrumbs, Worcestershire sauce, lemon zest and a pinch of salt and some black pepper . Mix everything together . You can use lump crab meat which is very expensive . It is delicious but so is the claw meat which is about half the price . You decide.

Put the crab meat mixture to the side and work on making the topping.

I put the six butter crackers in a dish and smash them with the back of a spoon . Alternatively, put them in a sealed plastic bag and run a rolling pin over them or smash them with the back of a heavy pot . All methods work . You just want fine crumbs . Add the old bay seasoning, chopped parsley, some salt and pepper and a tablespoon of room temperature butter . Mash this together to crumble over the fish when you are done assembling the dish . Put to the side.

To prep your fish, dry the tilapia with paper towels and sprinkle both sides with salt and pepper . Dry your scallops and remove the tough muscle on the side of the scallop and discard . Salt and pepper them . Next, take your shrimp and with a sharp paring knife, cut along the underside of the shrimp to open up the flesh . Salt and pepper the shrimp.

You are now ready to stuff the tilapia . Place half the crab mixture on the bottom half of each fish filet . Gently roll the fish around the crab and tuck the end underneath the fish . Place seam side down in the small casserole dish . Do this with each filet . Next add the two shrimp and one scallop to each dish . Sprinkle again with salt and pepper.

In a small measuring cup (it will be easier to pour the cooking liquid into the prepared dishes), add the wine, minced garlic, lemon juice, capers and melted butter . Stir . Pour half in each dish and drizzle some on top of all the fish as well . Divide the topping evenly between both casserole dishes . You are now ready to bake the seafood platters.

Place them on a baking sheet so they are easier to move and put in the preheated oven for 10 to 12 minutes

While the fish is baking, make your seafood dipping sauce . Mix the mayonnaise, lemon juice and lemon zest in a bowl . Chop the gherkin pickles and add to the mix. Put to the side . Cut your lemon into wedges for serving.

After about 12 minutes, put the baking sheet with the seafood platters under the broiler for 1 – 2 minutes to lightly brown the tops . Sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Serve the individual dishes with a side of seafood dipping sauce and lemon wedges . Enjoy.

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