Kiwano Cocktail

10 months ago

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one serving


1 Kiwano Melon, cut in half and pulp removed

1 Lemon, juiced

1 ½ oz. good quality vodka

Splash of 7Up

Wedge of Kiwano fruit, as garnish


1. Blend the pulp of the Kiwano melon and the lemon juice until the seeds are well chopped. Strain that mixture in a strainer pressing down on the pulp to remove as much juice as possible.

2. Using a cocktail shaker, add ice, the strained liquid and shake until liquid is really cold. Add to a glass of ice.

3. Top with 7Up and garnish with the kiwano wedge.

NOTE: Kiwano has a very mild taste but a fabulous green color! So, this looks like a great summer drink…add a fresh flower or an umbrella and you are ready for the pool! The taste of kiwano is very subtle so the lemon juice and sweetness from the 7up create a light and refreshing taste. Enjoy your cocktail with Tortilla Chips and Kiwano dips including salsa, yogurt and guacamole.  It is a whole Kiwano experience!!!


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