I’ve loved Super Bowl parties since I was a kid! What’s not to love? All kinds of unlimited snacks, a fabulous game with tons of guests in your living room yelling and shouting and dressed up in “their colors”, an amazing LIVE Concert and my favorite part, new, creative and often funny commercials! Top this off with a great “main meal” of chili or wings or a six foot hero and unlimited beer, and you’ve got a great day in the making.

Covid 19 hit this year and parties turned into very small affairs.  While I wasn’t having guests from outside my home, I still wanted to create a fun afternoon for the family and had flashbacks to my early days of entertaining.  Limited time, limited budget, limited space (you get the picture) and I thought, I’m just going to pull out a time honored traditional super bowl meal, along with all the normal chips, dips and beer BUT I’m going to keep it easy and simple this year.  There were only a few of us, so there wasn’t a need for days of cleaning, prepping, shopping and preparing that usually go into my football soirees!  I kept the menu pretty healthy, simple & easy to pull together.  I used cute Super Bowl themed paper products and throw away plastic serving trays and utensils. 

The thing I remember most about the “early days” of entertaining was all the fun!!!  I didn’t spend hours worrying over about the perfect meal or the perfect serving platter.  My friends came for the game, the laughter and some good food.  They weren’t there for the serving platters!!!!  LOL  Yet, everyone was well fed, had plenty to drink and had a great time.  Whether you are hosting your first Super Bowl party or are on a budget or just having a few people over for the big game, this menu will do the trick.  It has never failed me and it is definitely Game Day Food!  Enjoy.  Can the “old guy”, Tom Brady, pull it off?  We’ll see.


.  Big bowls of chips & pretzels
Sriracha Nuts
.  Salsa, Sour Cream (or my favorite substitute:  FAGE fat free Greek yogurt topped with green onions), Guacamole
Chicken Quesadillas
Mexican Salad

. Easy Healthy Turkey Chili (serve with all the “fixins”:  salsa, guacamole, fat free Greek Yogurt, shredded cheddar cheese & tortilla chips)
. Southern Style Cornbread

Loaded Jumbo Cookies
.  Fresh Fruit of your choice (I like to put together a mixed fruit bowl with all the fruits in season)


  An endless supply of beer, sparkling water and your guests favorite drinks