St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Menu

Apr 10, 2021

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St. Patty’s Day was a big deal for us New Yorkers. I never missed a Saint Patrick’s Day Parade . It meant an entire day of partying with friends and hitting every Irish Pub in the City. (There are hundreds….lol!) Our favorite was Rosie O’Gradys on the Upper West Side. We’d book a table for the entire day and groups of us would take shifts sitting at said table!!!! It was a never ending parade of people, laughing, Irish Music and lots of beer! Once I started to actually cook on St. Patrick’s Day, trying to find a delicious Corned Beef recipe wasn’t that easy. I mean, a boiled chunk of meat just doesn’t sound that appetizing, right? Once I added a savory crust and a horseradish cream sauce, things started to change. Partnered with cheesy baked potatoes and a sweet and tangy cabbage and carrot side dish, this meal took on a life of its own. People loved it. So, this is the traditional meal I serve now. Yes, there is always Irish Soda Bread (my Mom’s favorite….it brings out the McGuire in her) The Irish Apple Cake is a new addition this year. I saw different versions on several websites and decided to gave it a shot. I added my own spin (and some whipped cream) and it was a hit.  This is sure to stay in the regular rotation. Remember, everyone is Irish on St. Patty’s Day or as my grandmother use to say, “there are only two kinds of people in the world, the Irish and those that wish they were.”  Loved that woman…..Enjoy.

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Recipes

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