Mother’s Day Finger Food Brunch

by Diane Ringler | Apr 29, 2022

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An elegant afternoon feast of finger foods that is both beautiful and tasty is my game plan for Mother’s Day this year.  If I tell you it is also a healthier choice for your Mother’s Day Brunch menu, do you get excited to hear more?  Or do run in fear of another boring meal?  No worries here.  I’m always looking to eat healthier but on the holidays no one wants to “diet” so I got some inspiration this year from tons of magazines and great Pinterest posts and created this finger food only afternoon tea (minus the tea LOL) for a girls afternoon of fun.  Packed with a ton of colorful, fresh vegetables and fruits, this buffet of nibbles provides not only nourishment but also is a site for the eyes.  Beautiful colors pop and the tastes are fresh and clean.

I had considered a traditional afternoon tea but it is getting quite warm in California and I decided my outdoor soiree would do better with a selection of ice cold, fruit flavored waters (my newest obsession) called aqua frescas.  I made two this year and both are refreshing and easy to make; a cucumber and lime aqua fresca and a watermelon aqua fresca.  Mint green and pink pitchers of cool refreshment just made the whole table beautiful.

I went with crackers topped with a mascarpone and yogurt, everything bagel seasoning spread which was topped with thin slices of fresh radishes, cucumbers and tomatoes.  I pulled together a second dish of colorful pinwheel sandwiches using spinach and tomato tortillas rolled around a really flavorful chicken salad.  I wanted a couple of sweet items on the table too so I made mini-fruit parfaits which are rich and delicious but have some serious portion control built in.  I used the cutest, tiniest little serving cups.  They look beautiful, taste great and provide the perfect finish to the lunch.  I also added some store bought mini danish to add balance and more choices to the menu.

The whole spread is a colorful display of fruit, vegetables, lean protein and fabulous Spring Colors.  I added some fresh flowers and set the table outside for a lovely afternoon brunch with mom.  Try one or all of the recipes and enjoy your day.  Almost all of the components can be made the day before, assembled and covered until ready to serve.  Happy Mother’s Day!

My Mother’s Day Menu:

Watermelon agua fresca in glass | my curated tastes


glass of cucumber and lime agua fresca and limes | my curated tastes






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