I love Super Bowl…plain and simple. It is something I look forward to all year long. It has a little something for everyone. For the football lovers, this is it…the final showdown to decide who is the new champ. They’ve put in a year of yelling, cheering and booing. They’ve wagered and won and lost who knows how much. They’ve spent countless Monday nights with family and friends (and torturing family who don’t share the love of the game) rooting for their team and here it is…the final game. They are excited to say the least. Face painted (OK, not all of them), team jerseys on, lucky socks, mugs and routines in full display, the fans are ready! I know people who claim to hate football but still can’t wait for Super Bowl Sunday. Is it the food? The drinks?

Lemon Cupcakes With Lemon Frosting | My Curated TastesLemon Cupcakes With Lemon Frosting

You have amazing half time entertainment. They strive year after year to outdo themselves and usually succeed. Whether it is an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction or an incredibly sung anthem or a dance number like we’ve never seen before, they always get great performers and it well worth the hype. It’s like going to Vegas only you don’t leave your living room.

Momofuku & Hoisin Baked Wings | My Curated TastesMomofuku & Hoisin Baked Wings

Commercials…can’t say enough about those…lol. I started my career in advertising and currently work in digital marketing so it is always with great interest that I watch the creativity unfold in those 30 second spots. When you think of the amount of money those advertisers spend for that ad, they better be good! I like looking for the award winning ad. It’s fun and the ad agencies have just pushed the envelope year after year making it a “must see” event.

Easy Baked Mozarella Sticks | My Curated TastesEasy Baked Mozarella Sticks

But I think the best part of the whole day is the laughing, shouting, ribbing and cheering going on non-stop. It is loud and fun and just a good time.

But let’s face it, this day is all about the food! There, I’ve said it. No one on this planet would be happy to just sit on the couch with no food or drink and watch that game…it just wouldn’t happen. Everyone wants a couple of cold ones and plenty of snacks to eat. People are looking forward to half time so they can load up their plates with dinner and slide into the second half full and satisfied. And I’m just the girl to put out a spread and make their food dreams come true! Nothing fancy, mind you. Just good ‘ole pub grub!

Kitchen Sink Salad | My Curated TastesKitchen Sink Salad

This year, I’ve got a bunch of appetizers to get everyone through the first half. Some are new and some are old favorites. Baked Shrimp Egg Rolls, Sweet and Spicy chicken wings and Baked Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Sauce will be presented throughout the first and second quarter. I always have bowls of chips and dip, spiced nuts and popcorn for everyone to snack on. I keep the fridge packed with all types of beer and sparkling water. This year my whole guest list is made up of beer drinkers so I’m not stocking a full bar. My guests know they can always BYOB.

Garlic Knots | My Curated TastesGarlic Knots

At half time, I like to put out a hearty meal. Some years it is Chili and cornbread on the menu. Other years, a Giant Six Foot Hero. 2022 will see some of my all time favorites for feeding a crowd. I’m making up trays of Baked Pasta.Some with turkey sausage and others with meatballs. There will be lots of extra Parmesan and warm sauce on the side, big bowls of my Kitchen Sink Salad (everything goes into it) and baskets of Garlic Knots to go with all of it.

This is “guy food” at it’s best! To finish off the night, I’ll put out a tray of Lemon Cupcakes and let everyone grab coffee to go. Here’s a tip: Grab paper coffee cups with lids at the 99 Cent store so they can take it with them! It’s a great way to wind up the evening. I always have take away containers in case there is any left over food. This way, people get to take home anything not eaten and I have less to store and less leftovers to eat!

Baked Pasta With Turkey Sausage | My Curated TastesBaked Pasta With Turkey Sausage

Here are my 2022 Super Bowl Recipes. Be sure to share your photos if you make any of the dishes. Have a great time.

Baked Shrimp Egg Rolls | My Curated TastesBaked Shrimp Egg Rolls