Black Velvet Cocktail

Apr 8, 2022

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1 Serving


Guinness Stout beer (about 3-4 oz.)

Champagne (about 3-4 oz.)


1. Fill a champagne flute half way with Guinness beer. Slowly top it with chilled Champagne. It will form a foamy head so be sure to pour slowly or over the back of a spoon. Nice, right?

NOTES:  I was looking for something different on St. Patty’s Day and came across this drink –  Fun to make and fun to drink!  It was different enough (I had never head of it.) to make a splash at a party I was throwing.  FYI:  I’ve used Prosecco when making this and it came out fine.  The key is definitely the shape of the glass.  If you use the flute style glass, you’ll get that great foamy top.  Hope you try it.  Happy St. Patty’s Day.

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