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Serves 6

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1 Bottle of Quality Champagne

6 Sugar cubes

6 Strips of Orange zest

Orange bitters


1. Place one sugar cube in each glass. Add a couple of dashes of the orange bitters.

2. Rub a zest strip around the rim of the glass and twist the orange zest over the glass and drop into the glass.

3. Top with champagne and enjoy!

NOTES: Champagne cocktails are classically prepared with Angostura bitters and a twist of lemon. Recently, I found Orange Angostura bitters (how exciting!) and made this classic drink using the orange bitters and an orange peel twist! It was just a nice twist on this classic drink. A classic with a twist!!!

Have you noticed that stem less champagne glasses have taken Instagram by storm? So did I. I found these flutes at and they really are a nice addition to my cocktail glass collection.


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