Christmas Dinner for Two

Dec 10, 2021

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My Christmas dinner menu this year is going to be a “meat and potatoes” lover’s dream! I’m pulling out all the stops for a delicious, rich meal that’s packed with favorites from years past. I’m not worrying about calories or fat or points or anything else that might interfere with going all out on this decadent meal.

First, open a wonderful bottle of Cabernet and let it breathe. This should be a leisurely meal so enjoy a glass while preparing the food…get in the spirit of things. I choose Cabernet since I’m using that same wine in my main entree. Ask your local wine shop for a recommendation. They’ll be glad to assist. I’m kicking off with an “adult” appetizer. Kids do not like these which makes it perfect for just the two of us.   LOL  My Blue Cheese & Artichoke Gratins are rich and decadent with a touch of saltiness from the prosciutto and a little crunch from the pine nuts. Served in small, individual gratin dishes, they are the perfect starter to the meal.

One of my all time favorite ways of preparing a filet of beef is my Filet Mignon with Chasseur Sauce. This rich mushroom “hunter” style sauce is the perfect topping for the lean but super tender filet. While you’ll get a full serving of vegetables in the sauce, I’ll also be serving my Tri-Color Carrots with Orange Vinaigrette. This is a colorful and light side dish that will cut through the richness of the meat and sauce. So good!

I’ll be making my Cheesy Duchess Potatoes because 1) they taste so darn good 2) they look fabulous and 3) they soak up that gravy and are just the perfect compliment to the dish. You can make these ahead of time and just pop them in the oven when you are preparing the dinner. By the way, that is true of the appetizer, sauce and dessert! This should be a delicious but relaxing meal to pull together.  So, like a lot of my menus, a lot can be done before the big day.

I’m full…how about you? I’m keeping my dessert light after this big meal and plan on putting out a platter of fresh fruit and my Dark Chocolate Dipped Figs. I’m sure Halva will make an appearance (It always does). This is a family favorite and I try to make it around the holidays. It reminds my whole family of our dad so it gets a special spot on the dessert table. This spread with a small glass of Port would make anyone happy.

And there you have it…my Christmas Dinner menu for two. I hope you try one or all of the recipes. Kick back and enjoy your holiday…relax, breathe, eat and drink. Sounds like a Merry Little Christmas to me.

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