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2 – 4 servings


0 hours 10 mins


0 hours 10 mins


0 hours 35 mins

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8  Oz. White button mushrooms, roughly chopped
1 Tbsp. Butter
1 Tbsp. Light Mayonnaise
1 Tbsp. Fat-free Greek yogurt
1 Tsp. Dijon mustard
1 Lg. Egg
1 Tsp. Worcestershire sauce
1/4 Cup Maui onions, finely diced
1 Tbsp. Fresh parsley, finely chopped, plus leaves for garnish
1 1/2 Tsp. Old Bay seasoning
1/2 Tsp. Smoked paprika
Kosher Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
1/3 Cup Panko breadcrumbs
2 Tbsp. Olive oil for pan frying
Lemon wedges and tartar sauce for serving (recipe below)

1/4 Cup Light Mayonnaise
1/4 Cup Fat-Free Greek Yogurt (Fage is my fav)
1/2 Lemon, juiced
1 Tbsp. Capers
3 Tbsp. Sweet Pickle relish
Pinch of kosher salt
10 Grinds of fresh black pepper


Tartar Sauce

1) Mix ingredients in a bowl and chill until ready to serve

Mushroom “crab” Cakes

1) Chop the mushrooms into chunks like crab meat. Transfer them to a large skillet with one tablespoons of butter and cook until all the water in released and evaporated and the mushrooms are a bit dry. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Let cool.

2) In a large bowl, mix the mayonnaise, yogurt, Dijon mustard, egg, Worcestershire sauce, onions, parsley, Old Bay seasoning, smoked paprika, salt, and pepper. Mix until combined.

3) Fold the mushrooms into the mixture until well combined. Stir in the panko breadcrumbs then form the mixture into 4 patties.  Put on a plate and put in the freezer for 15 minutes to set up.

4) In a large skillet, heat olive oil over a medium heat. Fry the patties for 3-4 minutes on each side until golden brown. Serve with lemon wedges and tartar sauce. Garnish with parsley. Enjoy!

NOTES:  I really love a good crab cake but let’s face it, good crab is expensive and often hard to find if you aren’t on a coast.  So, I thought I’d “play” with a substitute for the crab but keep all the same flavors of a crab cake.  My thought was, if spagetti squash can stand in for pasta and eggplant can stand in for meat in bolognese sauce, why wouldn’t mushrooms work as “crab”?  Truth be told, I wasn’t sure this would work.  But, I was more than willing to try. (Spoiler alert, it works!)  Food costs are skyrocketing and I, like everyone else, am looking for more affordable options.  Plus, I love adding to my meatless Monday recipes so I have more options in my rotation.

I could have used a mix of mushrooms and and a more elegant choice like shitake, cremini or oyster, but I wanted an affordable and easy to create recipe so I stuck with basic, white mushrooms.  I knew they’d pick up the flavors from all the spices and if the tartar sauce was good, they’d get another flavor boost.

I cooked the mushrooms first to get them soft and to add even more flavor with a little butter.  I roughly chopped them… I didn’t want the pieces to small.  I cooked them until they were pretty dry and let them cool to room temperature before adding them to the mix.

I turned this into four cakes.  They could be served as a simple appetizer (one per person) for two per person for a light lunch.

You’ll note I used light mayonnaise and fat-free Greek yogurt which are my go-tos.  Feel free to use full fat products and you can use all mayo if you prefer.  I like the tang that yogurt brings to the party so I almost always cut the ingredients in half (yogurt and mayo).

These cakes are soft so they have to be handled gently.  I find that if I put them in the freezer for just 15-20 minutes, they set up and get a little firmer so they aren’t as likely to fall apart.  Be gentle when flipping and if they do break, don’t sweat it.  They’ll still taste great.

I really like to get the outsides super crispy so I use a cast iron skillet.  These could be cooked in a regular skillet with great results.

If you like sliders or sandwiches, these would be great on a bun.  Obviously, if making sliders, you’ll make your patties smaller.  Add some crunchy lettuce and a slice of tomato and you’ve got a great bite.

Before you think “come on, just give me crab”, give this a shot.  I dodged making or trying spagetti squash as a pasta substitute for years.  I just couldn’t believe that a veggie could substitute for pasta.  Once I tried it, I loved it.  That’s when I realized, what I loved more than the pasta was the sauce and flavors of Italian food.  The same is true of these “crab cakes”.  You’ve got all the same flavors and textures of crab cakes with none of the crab.

I have a brother and a few friends that won’t eat shellfish so this is the perfect solution for them.  Meatless Mondays makes this another reason to try them.  And, of course, if you are looking to cut expenses, this is a great substitution for crab.  Let me know what you think.  Send me an email and let me know.

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