Frozen Hot Chocolate

Sep 15, 2022

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2 drinks


0 hours 10 mins


0 hours 0 mins


0 hours 10 mins

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2 Tbsp. Valrhona pure cocoa powder or Ghirardelli cocoa powder, unsweetened

2 Tbsp. Hershey’s cocoa powder, unsweetened

1/3 Cup Swerve Granulated Sugar substitute

1/3 Cup Nonfat dry milk powder

1 Cup Skim Milk

Pinch of Kosher salt

Whipped cream, fresh or aerosol in a can

1 Hershey’s dark chocolate bar, frozen for shavings

2 Cups Ice cubes

1 Cup Frozen coffee ice cubes

2 shots of your favorite liqueur, optional*


1) Mix the chocolate powders, sugar and dry milk in a measuring cup.

2) Add milk to your blender and then add the dry mix and ice and coffee ice.

3) Blend until your ice is crushed and the drink is completely blended. Pour into two large ice-cream dishes or large goblets or wine glasses.

4) Top the drinks with a very generous amount of whipped cream and then using a vegetable peeler, shave chocolate shavings on top. Serve with a spoon and a straw and enjoy!

*  Want to kick this drink into high gear?  Add two shots of your favorite liqueur (the same ones you’d add to your hot chocolate).  Suggestions include:  Peppermint Schnapps, Amaretto, Frangelico or to really kick up that whole chocolate experience, I recommend Godiva Chocolate liqueur.

NOTES:  OK, I only had this once while living in NYC.  It is the trademark dessert at the Serendipity Restaurant.  It has been there forever (Maybe you saw the movie of the same name with Kate Beckensale and John Cusack?).  What I remember most is that it was Christmas time and freezing outside, yet my friends and I sat there drinking/eating our Frozen Hot Chocolate and it was wonderful!  You’ll see lots of recipes on line but for my version, I went with a couple of different, high-quality chocolate powders and yes, I did use Swerve sugar substitute and skim milk!!!!  I know, I know… why mess with a classic that uses real sugar and whole milk?  Well, just to cut some of those calories and get rid of most of the sugar.  But would it actually taste good?  Oh, yes it does!!!!  The ice thickens it up and I left real whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings on top for some of the full fat/sugar experience. 

Don’t like the idea?  Just use real sugar and whole milk (same quantities) and you’ll be good.  I also use a cup of frozen coffee ice cubes.  I’m not sure if that is in the original recipe or not but it definitely adds a richness that you are going to love.  Coffee and chocolate are just a match in heaven and this really works.  I just pour cooled coffee into an ice tray and freeze overnight.  It is perfect for this drink but also try those frozen coffee cubes in my Hazelnut Caramel Iced Coffee too.

I think the reason this drink/dessert gets so much buzz is because of the name… Frozen Hot Chocolate.  Definitely a contradiction but it does lure you in.  I’m sitting in Califorina in 107 degree weather as I write, test and yes eat/drink this dessert and it is hitting all the notes.  Cold, refreshing, delicious and the chocolate is rich.

A note on the chocolate powders.  You can easily find Hershey’s powder at the grocery store but I do recommend mixing it with a richer more decadent chocolate powder.  In this recipe, I used Valrhona because it is probably one of the richest and best known chocolates around, but you could also use Ghiradelli, Guittard, Sharfren Berger, or other local brands.  Don’t have any of those, try Hershey’s straight up!

I also played with the recipe a bit, and added a shot or two of flavored liquors.  My guests loved that!  Anything you might but in hot chocolate would be great in this.  Peppermint schnapps around Christmas with some candy cane dust on top would be fabulous.  Really into chocolate?  Godiva’s Chocolate Liquor is amazing.

Give this a try and when in the Big Apple, stop by Serendipity for the original.  HELPFUL HINT:  you need to make a reservation.  If going at Christmas time, make that reservation months in advance,  Yes, it is that good. 

Like this drink and looking for other fun drinks?  Be sure to check out my Happy Hour page for drink suggestions and do try the Hazelnut Caramel Iced Coffee.  Yummo…Enjoy.