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1 Liter Rose` wine

3 Cups Watermelon, cut into chunks

2 Limes, one juiced and one cut into wheels

3 Tbsp. Confectioner’s sugar

1/4 Cup Granulated sugar

4 Outshine Real Fruit Watermelon Ice pops (optional)


1. Put cut watermelon on a baking sheet or large platter and freeze overnight.

2. Pour one 1/2 bottle of rose wine into an ice cube tray and freeze overnight.  Save the other half of rose` to prepare drinks.

3. Prepare glasses by rubbing a lime wedge around the rim of the glasses. Pour granulated sugar onto a plate. Dip the rim of the glasses into the granulated sugar to coat.

4. Blend the watermelon, frozen rose` wine, lime juice and confectioners sugar in a blender until mixed and slushy.  You can add most or all of the remaining wine to the blender to make it the slushy consistency you like.

5. Pour into prepared glasses about 3/4 the way full. Add a frozen watermelon ice pop and lime wheel to the glass and serve.

NOTES: No doubt about it, this is like getting a drink and dessert all in one glass.  While the ice pop “garnish” is optional, it sure it fun.  And, on a hot, sunny day, a welcomed treat. I was able to find watermelon ice pops at my grocery store.  If you can’t find them, I don’t think anyone will complain if they are raspberry or cherry laughing

This is easy to make and quite delicious.  A couple of notes:  the wine won’t freeze rock hard since there is alcohol in it but combines well with the frozen watermelon and liquid wine you add.  Blend until you get a nice slushy consistency (Hence, the name!)  

When it comes to the sugar, the amount used can vary greatly from person to person depending on how sweet you like your drinks and how sweet your watermelon is.  So, as usual, taste and adjust as needed.

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