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4 servings


0 hours 50 mins


0 hours 10 mins


1 hours 0 mins

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48 Wonton Wrappers

1 Egg


1 Cup low fat ricotta cheese

½ Cup shredded mozzarella

¼ Cup grated Parmesan cheese

1 Egg

1 Cup thinly sliced fresh baby spinach

¼ Tsp. Garlic

¼ Tsp. Basil

¼ Tsp. Oregano

½ Tsp. Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Shaved Parmesan to finish


1. Boil a pot of salted water then bring the temperature down so the water is just simmering.

2. Mix all the cheese filling ingredients together in a small bowl.

3. Lay out half of your wontons. Put a heaping spoonful in the middle of each wonton.

4. Mix the egg with a couple of tablespoons of water to make the “glue” that will keep the wontons sealed around the filling. Using a pastry brush, paint the borders of the filled wonton skins with this egg wash.

5. Lay another wonton wrapper on top of the filling and carefully press down, getting as much air out as possible. Press down tightly around the filling and firmly pressing the down on all four sides of the wontons creating ravioli. This will seal the wonton. To be sure they are firmly “glued together”, use the tines of a fork to press down the edges. Place the formed ravioli on a tray and put in the freeze for about 30 minutes.

6. Gently place the ravioli into the simmering water. Do not let the water rapidly boil (it can rip the ravioli). Cook for about 2 minutes. Take the ravioli out of the water gently using a large spoon with holes to drain. These ravioli are very fragile and should be handled with care.

7. Carefully plate and top with my marinara sauce or your own favorite jarred variety. Add some shaved Parmesan to finish the dish.

NOTE: These are very delicate and should be treated with care. They can tear easily and the filling can escape if they aren’t sealed properly. With that in mind, take time sealing each ravioli. By freezing them for 30 minutes (or longer) you will help with the ravioli seal. Don’t throw these into a colander to drain. I guarantee they will tear. I know because I’ve done it! The extra care is worth it because these are light and airy and have a lot less calories than regular pasta. I keep them light by using lighter cheeses in the filling but feel free to use full fat if it makes you happy. You won’t hurt my feelings. If you like these, I also make a crab stuffed wonton ravioli in a lemon butter sauce that you might like to try. Enjoy.