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2-4 servings


1 hours 10 mins


0 hours 10 mins


1 hours 20 mins

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1 – 1¼ Lb. Top Sirloin Steak

Cooking Spray

Fat Free Greek Yogurt (optional)


1 ½ Tsp. Kosher Salt

2 Tsp. Tomato Paste

1 Tsp. Low sodium soy sauce

1 Tsp. Stir Fry Sauce

½ Tsp. Onion Powder

½ Tsp. Garlic Powder


1 Tsp. Chili Powder

2 Tsp. Ground Cumin

2 Tsp. Ground Coriander

½ Tsp. Freshly ground black pepper

½ Tsp. Calabrian Chili Flakes

1 Tbsp. Sugar

1 Tbsp. Paprika

½ Tsp. Ground Clove


1. Score the meat on both sides with about 1/8 of an inch slices to allow the paste and then the rub to penetrate the meat.

2. Mix the salt mixture in a small bowl to create a paste. Spread half on one side of the steak, getting it into all the scored slices and then spread the second half on the other side of the steak. Let sit for at least an hour at room temperature.

3. Meanwhile, mix all your rub ingredients in a small bowl. After the salt mixture has sat on the steak for one hour, SPRAY WITH COOKING SPRAY, then massage in the rub. This will help the rub stick to the meat. Let the steak rest 10 minutes.

4. Fire up your grill or grill pan to medium high and get the pan really hot. Spray it well with cooking spray. (If you prefer, you can add a little vegetable oil to the grill pan)

5. Cook until your desired doneness. (130 – 135 degrees for medium, 120 – 125 degrees for medium rare). Let the meat rest, covered with foil, for 10 minutes.

6. Slice against the grain into ½ inch slices and enjoy. I like to serve the steak with a big dollop of Fat Free Greek yogurt. That is purely optional.

NOTE: This is a great way to use relatively inexpensive cuts of meat. By scoring and salting the meat, you are tenderizing it and giving it flavor at the same time. Then, the rub comes in to finish the job and create this great, caramelized cut on the outside.

This is a BBQ favorite around here and tastes great on it’s own or sliced and used in tacos. Serve with my Asparagus with Lime Butter and the Warm Corn & Red Bell Pepper salad and you’ve got a terrific Mexican fiesta going on in your backyard (or dining room…your choice). Add some warm cornbread and you’ve got a winner.