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Serves One


1 Clear Glass Coffee Mug (6 oz.), heated with really hot water, then drained

1 1/3 Oz. Irish Whiskey

2 Sugar Cubes

2 Heaping tablespoons of whipped heavy cream


1. Heat your mug by filling with very hot water, then draining the water
2. Add two sugar cubes to bottom of glass
3. Add whiskey and top with hot coffee leaving room at the top for the cream
4. Whip your heavy cream with a hand mixer. Top the coffee with heaping tablespoons of the whipped, unsweetened heavy cream

NOTES: If you get the opportunity to go to San Francisco, make sure Buena Vista is on your agenda. This great old bar serves the best Irish Coffee in the world!!! Watching them make 8-10 at a time is a show all it’s own.

This is a take on that great recipe and while I’m not sure you HAVE TO use sugar cubes, they do. You can always substitute 2 teaspoons of sugar. I know lots of people sweeten their whipped cream, but the Buena Vista doesn’t, so neither do I. There are lots of great Irish Whiskeys out there and I’ve read that Buena Vista uses Tullamore Dew Irish whiskey. I personally like Jameson so use the one that makes you happy! On my visits there, they always pour the heavy whipped cream on the back of a spoon onto the coffee. So that is a tip in itself. The heavy cream shouldn’t be whipped too much….it should still pour! Enjoy.