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1 1/4 cups


0 hours 10 mins


1 hours 0 mins


1 hours 10 mins

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2 Heaping cups of washed, halved fresh apricots (pits removed)

½ Cup of water

½ Cup of Lankato Monk fruit sugar substitute


1. Put the apricots and water in a stock pot and heat over medium high heat for 10 minutes until the fruit is very soft and mushy. Stir constantly to break up the fruit.
2. Turn the heat to medium low, add the Lankato and sitr into the fruit. Let cook about 40-50 minutes more to really thicken. Stir occasionally.

3. You can use this immediately as a sauce or let cool and store in a covered container in the refrigerator. This batch will yield 1 ¼ cups of thick sauce/jam. Enjoy in a variety of ways and be sure to check out how I use it in my Apricot & Whipped Ricotta Breakfast toast.

NOTE: I don’t use any pectin in this sauce/jam and I only make it in small batches when apricots are in season. I started making this as a jam but found up using it as a sauce so often that I consider it both! Apricots are tart and delicious and this sauce/jam is good in both savory and sweet recipes. See how I use it to glaze Salmon and how I mix in some Prepared Horseradish sauce to serve with my Coconut Shrimp. This is a versatile sauce/jam to have in your arsenal of recipes. Give it a try. Easy, delicious, healthy and fast!