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1 serving

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Fresh Cranberries & Rosemary for ice cubes
Splash of Pomegranate Juice
Prosecco, Champagne or Cremant or Sparkling water


1) COMPLETELY optional (but oh so pretty), add a couple of cranberries and a small piece of rosemary in each compartment of an ice cube tray. Fill will water and freeze.

2) Add several cubes to a festive and beautiful glass and add a splash of pomegranate juice. Top with the sparkling wine or water of your choice and garnish with a small piece of rosemary. Sip and enjoy!

NOTES:  This drink is all about the color and those fun ice cubes.  This Pomegranate Spritzer can be made with or without alcohol so everyone at the party can enjoy.

During the holidays, I’ll make trays of these ice cubes and keep them in baggies in the freezer to add to drinks all season.  You can add variety to these using pomegranate arils, fresh berries or a mix of herbs.  They look just beautiful in your drinks.

Deciding what sparkling wine to top the drink with shouldn’t be a challenge but rather, fun!  For non drinkers, I use sparkling water, seltzer or some fun flavored Ice drinks.  They are a sugar-free, sparkling water that comes in all kinds of flavors.  For those that want the real deal, I’m fond of both prosecco and cremant.  One is an Italian sparkling wine and the cremant is a French sparkling wine.  You can read more about them, their differences and get recommendations on my post Prosecco or Cremant?

While I like champagne, it is far more expensive than the other options and since I’m mixing it with a splash of juice, I rarely use it in this drink.  The choice is yours.  No matter how you prepare it, I’m sure it will be a hit.

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