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8-10 servings


0 hours 0 mins


0 hours 8 mins


0 hours 30 mins

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1 Cup of Sugar

½ Cup of light corn syrup

1 Cup of Peanuts

1 Tbsp. butter

1 Tsp. baking soda

1 Tsp. salt

Flakey salt (Maldon is my salt of choice)


1. Warm a cookie sheet covered with foil in a 200 degree oven for five minutes.

2.  Put the sugar and corn syrup in a large measuring cup and microwave on high for 5 minutes.

3. Stir in peanuts and continue to microwave for a total of 3-3 ½ minutes. (You’ll need to stir the mixture several times during that time.)

4. Add the butter, baking soda and salt. It will bubble up furiously. Stir and quickly spread on the warmed, prepared cookie sheet.  (I line mine with tin foil for easy cleanup but it is not necessary.)

5. Immediately sprinkle with the flakey salt and let it cook completely.  Then break into pieces and serve or package as gifts.

NOTE: This is an easy, delicious candy to make in small batches.  I make this every year around the holidays – they make great gifts for neighbors, and coworkers.  I often bag these in cute cellophane bags and tie with a ribbon or put in a cookie tin for gift giving. (See ideas in the FOOD GIFTS section on this site.)

While I’ll also make this same brittle on the stove using a candy thermometer, I find this so much easier and I don’t have to fuss at the stove.  This brittle comes out perfect every time.

I recently got this tip about warming the cookie sheet before pouring the caramel and spreading it out.  It gives you an extra minute to work and spread the caramel mix before it begins to harden.  That made this whole process even easier.  Try that if you haven’t before.

This recipe also works with pistachios, almonds, cashews and your favorite nuts and seeds.  Try my Sunflower Seed Brittle and my Pistachio Brittle recipes for other options.

Make up a batch or two and watch this disappear.