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8 servings


8 hours 10 mins


0 hours 0 mins


8 hours 10 mins

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2 Cantaloupes, cut in half, seeded and the melon cut into chunks or balls. (About 4 cups) Keep the cantaloupe shells for presentation (optional)

1/2 Cup water

2 Tbsp. Lankato monk fruit sweetener or Swerve sugar substitute

¼ -1/2 Cup skim milk


1. Put the cut melon on a plate or on a sheet pan and put in the freezer overnight.

2. Dissolve the sugar substitute in the water. Stir vigorously to incorporate.

3. Place the melon, ¼ cup milk and sugar water in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. (You may have to scrub down the mixture several times to make sure it is all well blended.) Add a little more milk it you need it to be looser and creamier. Get it to the consistency you want by adding a tablespoon of the milk at a time.

4. Serve immediately for a soft serve consistency sorbet OR put in a loaf pan or plastic container and place in the freezer for a firmer texture. Let freeze a couple of hours.

5. Scoop into bowls or for a pretty presentation, place scoops of the sorbet in cantaloupe shells and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

NOTE: This is the easiest and healthiest sorbet you’ll very make. I have made this using every kind of fruit from strawberries and raspberries to Korean melon and watermelon. The cantaloupe is such a mild flavor and really unique. For fun, I’ll serve it in scooped out cantaloupe shells or top with finely chopped fresh melon and a little whipped cream. (If I’m feeling indulgent.) I always taste the fruit before adding the sugar. If the raspberries are tart, for example, I’ll add more sweetener. If the melon is really sweet, I may not use any sweetener. This recipe is incredibly versatile so play with it. You can also just use honey or agave to sweeten the fruit. As usual, feel free to substitute any milk you like (full fat, 1 percent, etc.) Make up batches of different flavored sorbet and have it on hand all summer long!

To make this even easier, you can but the pre-cut cantaloupe chunks right in the produce department.