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The main difference between hard white wheat berries and soft white wheat berries is their protein content and gluten strength. Hard white wheat berries have a higher protein content than soft white wheat berries, and they also have a stronger gluten structure. This makes hard white wheat berries better suited for bread and other baked goods that require a strong gluten structure to rise properly.Soft white wheat berries, on the other hand, have a lower protein content and a weaker gluten structure. They are better suited for making cakes, pastries, and other baked goods that require a tender crumb.In terms of flavor, both hard white and soft white wheat berries have a mild, slightly sweet flavor with a nutty undertone. The texture of the cooked wheat berries is also similar, with a chewy and slightly firm texture.

Rotisserie Chicken Artwork

ROTISSERIE CHICKEN: 13 recipes to make fast and easy meals

13 of my favorite go-to recipes using store bought rotisserie chicken are included in this FREE ecookbook. From soup to salad, with pasta and pot pies in between, there is something for everyone.


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