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Kimchi is typically made by salting and fermenting vegetables. The main ingredients, such as cabbage, onions or carrots, are sliced or shredded and then salted to draw out excess moisture. While there is usually a paste made of a variety of spices, I used the Shawhan Farms Kimchi Starter which is packed with all the traditional flavors. The mixture is thoroughly mixed and packed tightly into a jar or container. The kimchi is left to ferment at room temperature for a period ranging from a few days to several weeks, depending on personal preference.

Rotisserie Chicken Artwork

ROTISSERIE CHICKEN: 13 recipes to make fast and easy meals

13 of my favorite go-to recipes using store bought rotisserie chicken are included in this FREE ecookbook. From soup to salad, with pasta and pot pies in between, there is something for everyone.


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