1. How do I cook duck breasts perfectly?

Start by scoring the skin in a crisscross pattern and season with salt and pepper Let the duck come to room temperature for about 30 minutes. Always start duck in a cold, dry pan (or just a smear of butter like I did in this recipe). Place the duck breast skin-side...

3. How do I render duck fat?

While cooking scored duck breasts the way I describe above, the fat will naturally render from the skin. Save that excess fat by pouring it into a container. It is liquid gold and has the most amazing flavor. Use it to cook other dishes and/or for roasting...

4. Should I marinate duck breasts?

Marinating is not necessary, and I don’t recommend it but I’m sure any basic marinade would be fine. I prefer keep the preparation of the duck simple and putting a flavorful sauce on the side.

5. How do I achieve crispy skin on duck breasts?

Scoring the skin helps render the fat and create crispiness. Cooking skin-side down in a hot skillet without moving the meat too much also helps achieve crispy skin. Remember, you want to cook low and slow.
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