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1 serving
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1 Cup of frozen berries & cherries

½ Cup of Ice

1 Tbsp. Lankato monk fruit sweetener or sugar

1 ½ Oz. Limoncello Liquor

Strawberry and/or Lemon slices for garnish

Sugar for rim of glass


1. Prepare your glass. I choose a margarita glass for this drink. I rubbed a cut lemon around the rim of the glass then dipped it into a plate of sugar to coat the rim with a pretty sugar trim.
2. Put the frozen berries (use any frozen berries and/or cherries you have on hand), the ice and the Lankato or sugar into a blender and blend. Add the Limoncello and blend again.
3. Pour into the prepared glass, garnish the rim with the fruit and enjoy!

NOTE: I’m always looking for ways to cut back on sugar and calories and using a sugar substitute when I can really helps. You don’t even have to use sugar in this cocktail if you don’t want to. Lankato does the trick for me so that is a brand of sweetener I’ll use most often. Use any frozen berries you have. No limoncello in the house? Lemon flavored vodka works, as does plan vodka with some lemon juice. We are nothing if we aren’t flexible. Enjoy!